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Loyalty Pass Scheme.

From November 2014 we’re changing the way we operate our support services and we’ve decided to reward our most loyal customers.
The Technical Support Line will work on a credit basis where for every £100 you spend with us you’ll automatically accrue one Loyalty Pass. One Pass equates to a support ticket which currently matches one enquiry/problem that stays active until the problem is fully resolved or for seven days since the last enquiry. If you have spent more than £100 with us over the last 3 months you automatically qualify for the Loyalty Pass scheme which means you’ll be the first hear about any offers, sales or benefits. The more you spend with us the more you save because, after 6 months every Loyalty Pass you don’t use will be exchanged for money off vouchers to use on selected products.
If you call the support line but don’t have any support credits don’t worry – We may make a small charge but if you place an order within 30 days you’ll receive a Loyalty Pass which will mitigate any charge.
Terms and Conditions
VDT Direct Ltd reserve the right to withdraw this offer at any time;
* ‘Selected Products’ will be identified specifically for your individual needs after the 6 month period.
Cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount scheme.

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